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Museum-Reserve "Manor Popova", Ukraine, Vasylivka

The historical and architectural museum-reserve "Fazenda Popova" is located in the northern part of the outbuilding of a beautiful palace complex, slightly reminiscent of the Vorontsov castle in Crimea. And there is a hacienda in the small town of Vasilyevka, in Zaporozhye. The city received its name in honor of Vasily Popov, a major general of the tsarist army, who in 1784 received from Catherine II the colorful lands along the Karachekrak river. The economy organized by him here soon became famous as one of the best in the south of Ukraine.

Fortress Museum, Ukraine, Sudak

Sudak Citadel Museum is one of the most famous objects in Crimea visited by tourists. Erected by the Genoese more than six centuries ago, the citadel over the past few decades, having the rights of a branch of the National Preserve named “Sophia of Kiev”, has gradually begun to take on a form similar to the original. The unique monument of medieval defensive art attracts more than 120 thousand people every year to admire. Extremely crowded happens during the days of chivalrous tournaments "Genoa Helmet", which are held here annually.

Art Museum named after Yaroshenko, Ukraine, Poltava

Poltava Art Museum has a long history. In the distant 1917, a native of Poltava, the artist Wanderer N. A. Yaroshenko, presented the city with his collection of artworks. The leadership of the city decided to open an art gallery. The choice fell on the part of the department of the museum of local lore, where in 1919 the expositions of paintings were located. In the beginning there were only 23 working albums of the author and several hundred paintings painted by Yaroshenko. Then the collections of I. Shishkin, V. Makovsky, V. Polenov, I. Repin, V. Maximov and many other artists were added.

Literary Museum, Ukraine, Odessa - location on the map and description

Odessa! Judging by the time, the city is still very young, it is only two hundred years old, but what kind of story is built about it. How many songs were invented, various fables, verses ... There is nothing to count. It seems that the city has a double life: one real and the other literary. Here in the second part is worth a closer look.

Museum of Maritime Disasters, Ukraine, Malorechenskoye

The Black Sea coast of Crimea has a rich history in the construction of museum-monuments. The museum of maritime disasters is no exception. This is the only memorial complex in the world that is dedicated to the memory of dead people at sea at different time periods. The museum is located in a picturesque corner of the village of Malorechenskoye, near the city of Alushta.

Museum of the history of cars in models, Ukraine, Kiev

Each time, considering the historical places of Ukraine, you never cease to be amazed at the abundance of memorial sites of a very different direction. Sometimes, and you can’t imagine what you can meet, it’s so extravagant, walking along the streets of Kiev. It turns out that there is a very interesting and unlike the rest, a museum of the history of cars in models. What do you think? Are there such museums? Yes, there are, and where - in the most beautiful city of Ukraine, Kiev.

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