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Museums in Oslo

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In Norway, museum work is thoroughly and very creative. Each of the institutions is perfectly equipped technically, the location of the expositions is extraordinary, and in terms of the richness of its collections, the Norwegian museums are superior to many large European repositories of history.

In Norway there are several main values ​​worthy of museum storage: nature, maritime history, modernist art. All values ​​are presented in the main museums of the Norwegian capital.

Maritime history: Vikings, sailing, exploration, travel - the richest among the Norwegians. It is represented in the Viking Ship museums, the Maritime Museum, the Kon-tiki Museum, the Fram Museum. In each of these institutions you can see something special, unique and inimitable.

The following can be distinguished from art museums: Munch Museum, Vigeland Museum and Park, Stenersen Museum. The presented samples of modern art are recognized masterpieces of world painting and sculpture.

The history and culture of the country can be found in the Oslo Museum, the Ski Museum and the Norwegian Folk Museum.

Do not forget about those who glorified Norway to the whole world. The Ibsen and Grieg museums are very popular with travelers.

The Nobel Peace Center, which opened in 2005, can be considered very special. This museum tells about the famous Peace Prize, as well as the winners of this prestigious award.

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