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"Conducted", Nikolai Aleksandrovich Yaroshenko - description of the painting

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Conducted - Nikolai Aleksandrovich Yaroshenko. 125 x 150 cm

In Yaroshenko’s “Spent” picture, we see an elderly man who, having spent his loved ones on a long journey, thinks about how he would miss them.

It is significant that he does not look after the departing trains. This man, having lived a long and difficult life, understands that in this way he will not alleviate his suffering.

His affection for loved ones is so acute that it will be easier for a while to completely suppress thoughts of them in oneself, than by extending the time of farewell to once again wreck the wound.

As a joke (but perhaps there is some truth to this), it was suggested that the paintings “Conducted” and “Consumptive” are interconnected. It was alleged that the old man depicted on the canvas, on his last journey, was the sick girl whom Yaroshenko painted with Anna Chertkova.

Indeed, the facial features, the pose in which he stands, are so sad that one would think that one of the relatives from the trip will not return.

You can make various assumptions: the version that among those departing was a sick consumption, and the trip is needed in order to improve his health, it may well correspond to the author’s plan. This becomes especially likely if we take into account how widespread tuberculosis was in those days (the author himself suffered, among other things).

The viewer independently guesses what is depicted in the picture, what circumstances forced people to experience certain emotions.

Only one thing can be said for sure: an artist with great skill depicted the old man’s sadness and longing. Puffs of smoke, slightly muffled tones, a play of lighting that kind of highlights the main character, hiding everything else, creates a special atmosphere.

Looking at the picture, even a callous person will surely feel how he is filled with compassion and a feeling of love for humanity. Other works of the painter evoke the same emotions.

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