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“Lady Elizabeth Delme and Her Children”, Joshua Reynolds - description of the painting

“Lady Elizabeth Delme and Her Children”, Joshua Reynolds - description of the painting

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Lady Elizabeth Delme and her children are Joshua Reynolds. 238.4 x 147.2 cm

“A magnificent group portrait” ... A lady with a chic hairstyle and an expensive dress hugs children. It seems to be an idyllic picture of a mother with children, nothing special. But something attracts attention ...

Heroes of the picture

A beautiful woman with a calm face does not look at the artist. Her gaze is fixed on the distance. She thought for a moment. About what? It is unlikely that the thoughts are cheerful; there is nothing joyful in the lady's look and even in her pose. Even children can’t carry her away. It can be seen that Elizabeth was preparing for the process, this is not a spontaneously created masterpiece. One hairstyle is worth it. Surely, they did it for more than one hour.

The fabric used for burgundy drapery plays an important role in the image. It seems that this is part of the outfit. But if you look closely, it becomes clear that the cloak was thrown later. The dress from fabric reminding modern guipure is magnificent in itself and does not demand additions. Moreover, the cloak is significantly different in color. However, it is this seemingly minor element that enlivens the picture and makes it more emotional.

Amazing creation

The picture looks natural, all the elements organically complement each other. This is not just a portrait - it is a moment stopped for a second from the life of the family.

Different emotions are experienced by people, stopping next to a masterpiece in the gallery. Someone admiration, someone sadness, someone desire to get to know the heroes more. Even the photo of this picture does not leave indifferent, to say nothing about the original.

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