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Museums in london

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The foggy charm of London attracts fans of the history, art and atmosphere of aristocratic antiquity. In this city, the realities of various historical eras touch each other: the legends of Londinium, founded by the ancient Romans; myths of the times of Alfred the Great; the period of domination of the severe Tower over the mirror of the medieval Thames; times of greatness of the British Empire, when for a century London was the largest city on earth ...

Epochs were replaced, and each of them left its mark in this great city, which has stood on the banks of the Thames for more than two thousand years. Museums in london visually demonstrate to the tourist the change of historical eras, introduce them to great historical figures, the way of life of various walks of life - both ordinary citizens and kings.

Ancient palaces, mansions, cathedrals and even the gloomy Tower turned into museums. Now you can safely enter its gloomy walls - and yet any tourist will get goosebumps when he enters the gates of an ancient harsh fortress.

The riches of London's museums and art galleries are innumerable. There are many amazing things, rarities, wonders collected from all over the world. Their halls are filled with works of art representing painting and sculpture of the entire planet. They store the treasures of the British Crown, sparkling with the largest diamonds in the world.

Walking through the halls full of historical monuments and great works of art - you will discover the heart of London.

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