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“Sunset with trees”, Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi - description of the painting

“Sunset with trees”, Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi - description of the painting

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Sunset with trees - Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi. Canvas, oil.

The painter often depicted the sunset. Unusual decisions of the artist influenced such trends as symbolism, expressionism, primitivism and Fauvism and their expression in Russian art. Kuindzhi's creativity inspired such masters as N. Roerich, N. Krymov and others.

You should not assume that these great artists thoughtlessly copied Kuindzhi's tricks and motifs - this only happens with untalented people. Rather, at the time of seeing the wonderful paintings of Arkhip Ivanovich, they were seized by a powerful delight, under the pressure of which the images they saw deeply cut into the heart.

The picture shows the sunset. It looks somewhat sad and this is not surprising: the first association with sunset is the approach of darkness or even death. But the canvas does not look gloomy, because after sunset the sunrise will follow, and then the sunny day full of joy and bliss.

In this composition, we clearly see the audacity of Kuindzhi's treatment of paint, which inspired and frightened his contemporaries. The flaming red sun in the west breaks through thick purple clouds. Although the powerful but obese sun has not yet managed to break the gloomy veil, thinner and more agile rays have already crept out and, frolic around the sky, painted it in golden color.

Naturalness in the transfer of colors is undeniable: it is precisely this picture that we see when we return late after a walk in nature late at night. That is why the canvas evokes some kindred feelings in us: the artist resembles us; even though he lived at a different time, we have common nature and love for it!

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