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Portrait of the violinist Walter, Grigory G. Myasoedov - description

Portrait of the violinist Walter, Grigory G. Myasoedov - description

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Portrait of violinist V. 61 x 42 cm

The era of realism in Russian painting is replacing the century of classicism. They create images not only of famous writers, painters, composers, but also ordinary people, trying to convey in addition to external similarities the very essence of man, his character.

Among the few portraits painted by Grigory Grigorievich Myasoedov, there is an image of the famous Russian violinist - Victor Grigorievich Walter.

Having finished the performance, the musician sat down to rest by the dark wall, calmly posing for the artist. His figure almost merges with a dark chocolate background, smoothly changing its color from black-brown to saturated cognac. And only a slightly tired spiritualized face, lit by the sun, immediately attracts attention.

Smooth skin glows with a moist shine, a neatly trimmed dark chestnut beard emphasizes the correct oval of the face. Thick, combed back hair opens a high clean forehead, and only a deep fold, coming from the graceful wings of a thin nose, gives the age of a man.

Behind the transparent glasses of glasses in a thin gold frame you can see slightly narrowed penetrating brown eyes, peering with interest at the artist. The look of an intelligent, thinly sensitive, creative person who has seen a lot in life. A light, welcoming smile lurks in the corners of the lips, promising an intimate conversation.

The soft violin shines with soft amber colors, which the musician gently clings to with love.

There is another bright spot on the canvas - the starched collar of the shirt glows with dazzling whiteness, contrasting with the deep black tones of the concert tailcoat and the dandy butterfly.

The palette of the picture is very concise and restrained, but what a wealth of halftones, the subtle nuances of warm brown shades, evoking a feeling of spiritual closeness and friendly feelings.

The painter himself played well on the viola, maybe that is why he with such inspiration conveys a lively image of a talented violinist who devoted his whole life to serving the Music.

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