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"Thaw. Yaroslavl ", Alexey Kondratievich Savrasov - description of the painting

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Thaw. Oil on Canvas 57.6 x 89.2 cm

Savrasov lived in Yaroslavl in 1870-1871. “A quiet life in Yaroslavl allows me to concentrate on art,” the artist wrote. The author brought to Moscow an impressive baggage of new impressions, which helped him to paint this picture in 1874.

The winter cold, the relentless and annoying companion of the Russian man, rarely leaves him alone. Spring is a long-awaited time for him, when the cold is preparing to retreat and finally give him a short break. Her arrival is marked by a thaw, which Savrasov especially liked to portray (suffice it to say that among his works four contain the word “thaw” in his name).

The painting depicts a river that has spilled and filled the vast expanses. Pieces of ice falling into its abyss are doomed to die, swallowed by it. It’s about sunset. Gold and dark purple colors of the sky are reflected in the water surface. Migratory birds, inspired by the arrival of spring, return home.

On a dais stands a church with domes covered with earthly and heavenly gold - a symbol of the divine's involvement in the beauty depicted in the picture. In this work of the master, as in all others, his conviction is expressed that everything beautiful, earthly and heavenly, is one in its inner essence.

On his canvas, A.K. Savrasov did not portray anything supernatural, nothing that attracted a connoisseur with his unusualness, did not apply decisions that amazed with his unexpectedness. However, it is in this simplicity, combined with the accuracy of the details, that the author's originality is expressed. It is this simplicity that creates the feeling that you see something painfully familiar and dear, an experience that so often captures a person in moments of enjoying the paintings of the great painter.

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