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“Virgin Mary in Glory”, Robert Kampen - description of the painting

“Virgin Mary in Glory”, Robert Kampen - description of the painting

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Virgin Mary in Glory - Robert Kampen. 47 x 31 cm

Artists of the Northern Renaissance often painted biblical paintings for wealthy customers or churches. One of these works is before us.

In the foreground, sitting against the red brick wall that separates them from the world, St. Peter and St. Augustine are arguing. On the left is Peter sitting on his bench, with a heavy gold tiara richly inlaid with precious stones on his head. The red-yellow cloak, fastened with a large agraph, soft folds descends to the ground. He is no longer young, his hair and beard turned gray, wrinkles furrowed his forehead, but his dark, lively eyes glow with his mind and wisdom. Despite a slight fatigue, he carefully listens to the interlocutor. In his left hand he holds two keys to the kingdom of heaven.

And to the right, in a blue cloak trimmed with a wide golden border, Augustine sits in a white bishop's robe and a snow-white tiara. He has a haggard, thin face, a narrow long nose, a sharp chin. He reads in a focused book lying on his lap.

A donor (the customer of the picture) is kneeling between them - a middle-aged man with a large bald head, a man dressed in a black cloak and listening to the conversation with admiration.

During the argument, the clouds in the sky diverge to the side, and before them appears the Virgin and Child. Sitting on the bench, she gently looks at Jesus, affectionately holding him. Red hair waves descend on a blue robe, shading the fair skin and emphasizing the soft oval of a young face. The fingers of the right hand give the debaters a sign.

And in the background is a white-stone city, spread out on the hills, written with the smallest details. The wide road, winding, goes beyond the horizon.

And of course, the painter's favorite variety of colors. Juicy red and bright blue, warm orange and noble olive green, white and brown - all of them create an atmosphere of sincere uplift and festive mood.

The artist achieves incredible craftsmanship, conveying the texture of heavy silk fabrics, the cold luster of metal keys, and the uniqueness of luxurious agraphs. The harmony and beauty of the world depicted in the works of Robert Kampen leave no one indifferent.

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