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"In the German settlement", Alexander N. Benois - description of the painting

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In the German settlement - Alexander N. Benois. 65 x 87 cm

Creatively very versatile, Alexander Nikolaevich Benois as an artist is especially interesting for his historical paintings. Basically, he writes paintings on two historical topics - “France, Versailles from the time of King Louis XIV” and “Russia, St. Petersburg, Moscow”. At the beginning of the 20th century, Alexandre Benois was very interested in such painting, and his works were often published in the journal World of Art.

The second topic is precisely devoted to the work done by gouache on paper “In a German settlement. Departure of Tsar Peter I from the House of Lefort. ” The viewer is presented with a panorama of Moscow as it was three hundred years ago under Peter I. Now this area is called Lefortovo. And before this place was called near Moscow, on the right bank of the Yauza - the German settlement.

A magnificent view of the town opens, presented by the artist from a high point, from which you can see the mill, the church and the plain, forests, river, clouds extending into the distance. The central place is allocated, of course, to Lefort's house - bright, illuminated by lights, rich, with magnificent architecture, light and airy, giving additional festivity to the whole event. And this is really an event - because in the settlement Tsar Peter the Great himself!

Although, at that time, still very young Peter I came to German friends to learn European sciences from them, he conducts reviews and exercises, tests guns, makes fireworks himself and is engaged in carpentry. But the emperor also rests royally, on a grand scale, with "drinking and amusement." And again in the morning!

In the picture, Alexander Benois just captured the departure of the king in the early morning from a German settlement. He leaves Lefort's house with numerous associates, courtiers, servants and servants. This is of great interest to all residents of the settlement. The people poured into the streets to look at the wonderful Russian Tsar with their own eyes.

In this work, it is felt that the author knows the topic, knows the story, and he perfectly conveys it to us through his own perception.

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