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“They're going to the polls”, Arkady A. Plastov - description of the painting

“They're going to the polls”, Arkady A. Plastov - description of the painting

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They are going to the polls - Arkady Aleksandrovich Plastov. 295 x 221 cm

1947, difficult post-war years, there was a lot of work. Plast his picture filled with joy and good mood.

Winter cloudy morning. In the upper corner of the canvas, a yellow-orange circle of a dim sun breaks through the morning haze. Its rays painted clouds in pale golden coral shades. Against the gloomy sky, attracting a look, the scarlet flag flies brightly.

Right in front of us in a sleigh drawn by three horses, collective farmers are going to the polls. A young charioteer shouts cheerfully, waving a whip. He is wearing a large warm, light brown sheepskin sheepskin coat with a black collar, a gray fur hat with ear flaps with a perky sticking out ear. Behind him, holding up a black collar, sits an elderly bearded man. A grandmother leaned against him in a tightly tied blue shawl. Her eyelashes were frozen, her nose was red from the cold. What does she think she remembers?

A harmonist, legs stretched out in large white boots with galoshes, sits on the edge of the woods. He sprawled the colorful harmonica furs, playing a fun song.

Behind the sleigh, wrapped in warm shawls, are three young women. Their gentle, fair faces flushed with frost. A beautiful young collective farmer in a white openwork hem with a long fringe dreams of something. Nearby, wrapped in a dark blue checkered shawl, the second girl slyly smiles at someone. Fun mischievous black eyes look, light red bangs fall on dark eyebrows. The third woman in a woolen pale yellow shawl and a dark fur coat looks at the young guy with a caring smile. Raising himself, he gaily waves his hat off his head.

A second sled came very close to them, the driver of which pulled the reins, holding the horse. But a shaggy leg with an iron horseshoe almost steps on the skids.

Red, red, scarlet, bright pink, orange and blue ribbons, bell ringing, rhythmic clatter of hooves give dynamism to the picture.

The artist uses many color nuances and halftones. The canvas harmoniously combines warm lilac-white shades of snow and cold purple tones of shadows, pastel colors of women's scarves and dark colors of short fur coats.

In the background are snow-covered houses, snow-covered trees. The morning light painted them deep purple. On the way past a few more sledges rushing past the houses. The image can be viewed for a long time, finding all new details. Here along the fence comes a woman with a yoke, and here the birds perched on the branches. And what a bright rainbow belt on the driver!

The picture is very real and life-affirming, it gives the viewer a sunny mood and confidence in the future.

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