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“Down the aisle”, Konstantin Egorovich Makovsky - description of the painting

“Down the aisle”, Konstantin Egorovich Makovsky - description of the painting

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Down the aisle - Konstantin Egorovich Makovsky. 145 x 92 cm.

In pre-Petrine Russia, the boyar girl was "given" in marriage with the greatest possible splendor. It was this moment, without reference to a specific historical period, that the artist depicted on his canvas.

Before the viewer appears an ornate board of a wooden tower, full of lush and elegantly dressed and decorated women. The Russian boyar costume of that time was distinguished by a large number of decor in the form of embroidery with beads, small pearls, gold and silver threads. It got off with a fur trim and was sewn from very expensive velvet and silk fabrics. All this splendor is fully demonstrated on the canvas.

The main character of the picture is the bride. She was supposed to cry, because she would never return to her family. Most often, she did not even know her bridegroom, because the parents arranged the marriage. The ritual is depicted in the picture when a girl is given a hairstyle for an adult, married woman. Her single braid was opened, combed and braided in a new way. The wife wore two braids wrapped around her head and always covered with a scarf or headdress. It is this key scene that is depicted on the canvas.

The picture pleases the eye with an abundance of colors and very spectacular outfits. She fully conveys both the tragedy and the solemnity of the key moment in the life of every Russian girl. With an abundance of colors and many small details, the canvas does not look too colorful. It has depth, volume, competent construction of the composition and amazing spirituality. This is especially pronounced in the figure of a friend clinging to the knees of a saddened bride.

The bride’s chair is located opposite the window. It is partially covered by a curtain, but the sun's rays pouring out of it brightly distinguish the girl's figure, making her white satin dress sparkle and making her in a central way against the background of other colorful characters.

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