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“The soul of a rose”, John William Waterhouse - description of the painting

“The soul of a rose”, John William Waterhouse - description of the painting

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The soul of the rose is John William Waterhouse. 88.3 x 59.1 cm

A beautiful and refined artistic masterpiece was created by John William Waterhouse! The painting “Soul of the Rose” was painted in the style of Pre-Raphaelite and Romanticism. Its plot is a genre and literary scene.

The canvas has a second version of the name "My Sweet Rose." It is filled with light, love, harmony of the Universe. The whole world froze in one wonderful moment, which a gifted artist captured so sincerely and touching on canvas. He worked on this work very hard. The painting was one of his most successful creations. In it, the brush master embodied his ideal of a woman: sensual, romantic, sophisticated, tender, mysterious, restrained. The artwork is very impressive! The blooming rose also has a "soul", because it is alive.

John Waterhouse was inspired by A. Tennyson's poem "Mod." All his feelings and emotional experiences, he emotionally splashed out onto the canvas. A magnificent work of art came to life before our eyes! How beautiful these lines are: “Get out of the garden, Mod!” They belong to a young man in love with her named Charles. Their meeting and fate are tragic. They could not be together. The young man was killed in a duel by his brother Maud, who did not like his sister's choice. The girl did not suffer his loss, became seriously ill and soon passed away.

The picture depicts a wonderful, radiant plot! Life shines with all the colors of love! For a long time the artist experienced in his soul one of the phrases of the poem, mentally creating a bright female look: “And the flames of a rose entered my chest, filling my whole soul ...” He used bright saturated colors, warm tones, intermediate shades, light, free strokes and contrasts in his work . The composition is based on the head, bust, woman's hands and gorgeous flowers.

Maud approached the lush, fragrant roses. How much freshness and natural charm are in them! She leaned against a stone wall, breathing in the delicate scent of a lovely flower. Her eyes are half-closed, the rose adheres to her lips. On the cheeks of Maud, a bright blush in tone with pink petals. How divine is this wonderful moment! The woman has magnificent, red hair, gathered in a beautiful hairstyle. She is dressed in a blue dress with gold ornaments. Everything harmonizes with a flowering rose bush, giving the female image a youthful beauty. Mod is immersed in her dreams and dreams! She thinks of her lover Charles. The stone wall symbolizes the barrier to their happiness. But while love lives in her heart, life goes on ...

The picture is a wonderful experience! She gives goodness, peace, love, faith, hope, charging auspicious energy. It is nice to contemplate and think about the good. The artwork will look great in the home interior of the living room, giving the aesthetics and harmony of the world.

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