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"Still Life with Flowers", Juan Gris - description of the painting

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Still life with flowers - Juan Gris. 112 x 70 cm

Talented and vividly depicted the artwork of Juan Gris! She was created in the genre of "analytical" cubism oil on canvas. Still life is beautiful and picturesque, written interestingly and unusually.

A household plot with flowers in a vase and a guitar standing next to it on a chair covered with a blanket brings a special uniqueness to the picture. Connoisseurs of high art will definitely notice it and will find in this artwork a clue to the intention of its author. Visually, you can feel that the image of the picture is "drowning" in a stained glass pattern. Between form and space, boundaries are erased. The picture is light and weightless. Still life is similar to the interaction of geometric shapes, separated by faces and small slices. It seems that the picture is a little voluminous, and this gives it its own individual charm.

Fallen petals lie near a flower vase and a guitar, probably the bouquet has been standing for a long time, and the owner is in no hurry to remove it, since the flowers and buds are still fresh and fragrant. This man is a great gourmet and esthetician; he likes to surround himself with beautiful things. The picture contains warm and cold colors. The warm ones warm the image and bring soft coziness, the cold ones dilute the range with the severity of the classics.

The picture exudes the perfection of the artist’s mental strength, his imagination and ingenuity. Such skill reaches great heights! The artwork emphasizes musical romance in combination with the analytical composition of the plot. The master of the brush painted an abstract picture that carries a pleasant contemplation and harmony. She is filled with the happiness of life and love for the world.

The picture gives light, good, warmth, calm. Looking at this unique masterpiece, you can dream, reflect, indulge in good memories. Artwork is perfect for the living room, bedroom, study. She is an excellent tool in art therapy work with people suffering from nervous disorders.

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