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“Beggar old man in the sun”, Mariano Fortuni - description of the painting

“Beggar old man in the sun”, Mariano Fortuni - description of the painting

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Beggar old man in the sun - Mariano Fortuni. 74 cm x 58 cm

An interesting picture was portrayed by the Spanish artist Mariano Fortuni. The work "The Pauper Old Man in the Sun" was written in the modern style.

The picturesque portrait is painted in the style of "nude". In the center of the picture is a poor, impoverished old man basking in the sun. He is not wearing outerwear and is almost naked. Probably his life is full of deprivation and suffering. His face and body are streaked with deep wrinkles, black eyebrows, gray hair on his head and beard, but his eyes are full of faith and kindness, a little tired, but pleased. The old man's eyes are closed, notes of quiet, joyful bliss are noticeable in his gaze. For an older person, rest is important. He wants to gain strength in order to move on. The old man sits with his back against a tree and is thinking about something.

The artist used contrasts, light and dark tones in his work. The background pattern is light gray brown. It seems that the old man came out of the shadows and exposed his body to the sun. The master of the brush smoothly depicted a human figure, emphasizing all the basic details in the silhouette. Perhaps the old man posed for him, and he painted it from nature. Art Nouveau style emphasizes the elegance of lines, imitation of natural forms, a "lively" look from the inside. The artist deeply felt the world around him, conveying a spiritual inner content. Thanks to his outstanding abilities in painting, he created the impossible. His paintings are pleasant to behold, admiring the excellent craftsmanship.

The picturesque portrait brings peace, peace of mind, slight sadness and serenity. The picture is suitable for a quiet holiday, dreams, thoughts. Contemplating the wonderful work of authorship by Mariano Fortuni, you can relax and practice meditation to the quiet music.

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