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“Winding Road in Estacus”, Andre Derain - description of the painting

“Winding Road in Estacus”, Andre Derain - description of the painting

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Winding road in Estac - Andre Derain.

A magnificent picture was painted by a talented French artist Andre Derain. This place inspired artists of different styles and genres. They came here in search of universal harmony and emotional perceptions of amazing landscapes. Derain wrote this artistic masterpiece in the style of Fauvism.

The picture is very unusual and peculiar! It attracts with an abundance of color spots, strict decorative plot, vivid contrasts of colors and shades. The artwork is characterized by the exaltation of colors, in which the figures of people and surrounding objects are vague, their outlines, as it were, are buried in the earthly reality of being. In this, the artist has his own creative secret, his own "highlight". In the south of France he painted many paintings.

Especially inspired by Estac and her rural life. The artist conveyed in oil on canvas all the contrasts of this wonderful nature, filled with sunlight and the splash of sea waves. The road to Estacus winds a ribbon among mountains, trees and fishing houses. She is meandering and cool. It is often visited by locals and adventurers. This road attracts travelers! In the foreground of the picture are silhouettes of people hurrying on business.

A tanned man carries a green clay jug on his shoulders. A woman with a bag behind her hurries to the house where her family is waiting. Down at the descent of the hills under a tent of trees, children and elderly people rest. They were tired of the hot heat, and people tend to sit in the shade. In the picture, the multicolored colors vividly sound like it is autumn. Colors are conveyed very expressively and dynamically. In the background, a man rides a horse in front of a bridge. On both sides of the road are tall trees. Everything is surrounded by greenery, mountains are visible in the distance.

This artwork energizes, stimulates intellectual activity, gives optimism, gives joy and good mood.

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