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“The Wild Hunt of Odin”, Arbo Peter Nikolay - description of the painting

“The Wild Hunt of Odin”, Arbo Peter Nikolay - description of the painting

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Odin's Wild Hunt - Arbo Peter Nikolay.

Peter Nikolay Arbo - a famous Norwegian artist, was born on June 18, 1831, in the family of the director of the public school of the city of Drammen, Arbo Christian.

After graduating from the Dusseldorf Academy of Arts, the most famous and influential in Europe at that time, Peter Nikolai lives and works in Paris for eight years, but returns to his native Norway in 1871 and writes the main picture of his life, “The Wild Hunt of Odin,” in 1872. Currently, it is stored in the city of Oslo, in the National Gallery of Art, Architecture and Design.

Arbo has always been interested in history, the legends of Scandinavian mythology. Most likely, the picture of the hunt was inspired by poems of the romantic poet of the early 19th century, Johan Sebastian Belhaven, who was the “singer” of the transience, instantness and fragility of human life.

According to Scandinavian and German myths, in the fall, before the onset of winter, there is a wild hunt from the north, taking people to hell, bringing death and misfortune. The retinue is headed by the Wild or Black Hunter - in Germany it is Wotan or the woman of Holda, in Norway - the god Odin.

According to legend, you can’t look at them, you can die or the dogs get torn to pieces or disappear without a trace.

A sense of alertness and anxiety arises at the first glance at the canvas of Odin's Wild Hunt. The sun is hiding behind the black clouds, the bird's cry trails off, even the wind subsides, the barren land is silent ... What is this? It is impossible to take your eyes off the terrible, black cavalcade of hunters from darkness.

And everything around is changing quickly and scary: ghostly horsemen are racing, crows are circling, excited horses are snoring, screeching, howling, wild passion in dead eyes, the desire to overtake his victim. At the head of this wild hunt - God Odin - the embodiment of dark forces.

As a painter, he masterfully conveyed with light such feelings as danger (lunar, cold at the bottom of the canvas) and triumph (yellow-orange glimpse in the upper corner of the painting).

Creativity Arbo finds its response in the modern world. It is a well-known fact when in 1988 the image of Odin’s Wild Hunt adorned Sweden’s album Bathory.

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