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"Elections. Voting ", William Hogarth - description of the painting

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Elections. Voting - William Hogarth.

This series presents four paintings that show all stages of parliamentary elections. We will consider the "Voting" picture.

The whole picture is made in dark colors, which immediately suggests the idea that nothing good is depicted on it. After we peer, we can see something violently discussing the crowd. People are pushing, shouting at each other (judging by their faces), this indicates the disorganization of this event. The atmosphere is unpleasant, heated.

Now let's look at the main characters. In the very center of the picture are two men who are watching intently at the third, the man on the left whispers something in his ear. If we look closely at the face of the person sitting between them, we will see that it is unnaturally skewed, the arms are also twisted. We can conclude that he is sick. Behind the old woman, who cannot stand on her feet, she was also brought to the vote. Patients and lunatics are bribed to vote for a particular candidate.

On the right we see four men, they are clearly unfriendly towards each other, as their faces express anger and tension. A man in red is trying to put pressure on the one who counts the votes, to influence the outcome of the vote. The other two behind (most likely candidates) are arguing about who has the most votes. Candidates are ready to do anything to win the election.

On the left is a broken wagon. The woman inside her is wealthy, we can assume that she is an influential person. Most likely, this breakdown was adjusted by one of the competitors, which, again, indicates the dishonesty of the election.

There are many nuances in this picture, and to understand it, you need to peer for a long time. Each detail plays a role and makes the picture more complete.

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