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“Fresh bread”, Christian Krog - description of the painting

“Fresh bread”, Christian Krog - description of the painting

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Fresh bread - Christian Krog. 80 x 60 cm

The canvas “Fresh bread” was written in 1879, when Krog teamed up with other young compatriot artists, among whom he found like-minded people. Christian Krog portrayed a side of Norwegian life that the bohemian could not or did not want to see. The artist was constantly surrounded by the cream of society - the aristocracy, the creative intelligentsia and the rich. At the same time, he sympathized with socialist and internationalist ideas.

Although Christian Krog was popular among the elite, his creations were clearly different from what she was used to watching. The image of everyday life of ordinary people exhausted by hard work, were called upon to raise important social topics.

Christian Krog is a portrait painter for whom truthfulness and content are more important than beauty and gloss. The artist captured episodes from the lives of fishermen, sailors, workers and soldiers. He did not convey a complex storyline or emotional tension, but only portrayed these people as the central figures of his paintings, thereby paying tribute to them. A somewhat different message is the work with female images.

Krog created such paintings with particular drama, and Fresh Bread is a vivid example of this. Here we see an old woman who cuts bread. Most likely, she baked it with her own hand. Three small fixed paintings are visible in the background, which further emphasize the emptiness of the walls. The table also does not differ in abundance, the only object on it is a bowl with porridge. A woman cuts bread extremely carefully. Poverty and hard work taught her to treat bread with special trepidation, since she knows what efforts it is getting.

The work is made in a restrained palette of colors, conveying the modesty of the life of the heroine of the canvas. Christian Krog also masterfully knew how to recreate chiaroscuro, as he often worked in the open air technique, that is, the transmission of shades and tones that change under the influence of light. The artist recreated the lighting in the room with photographic accuracy.

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