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“A girl by the rhubarb and goose bush”, Nikolai Astrup - description of the painting

“A girl by the rhubarb and goose bush”, Nikolai Astrup - description of the painting

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Girl at the rhubarb bush and goose - Nikolay Astrup

Nicholas Astrup did not draw bohemian urban landscapes, as his contemporary contemporaries did. The artist loved to paint the Norwegian nature, to which he was always close. Surprisingly, her Nordic beauty does not look cold and impregnable, she welcomes everyone who lives on her and is ready to bestow each with her wealth.

Little is known about the creations of this master outside the circle of Norwegian art critics. But critics believe that he was undeservedly forgotten, because in many ways he surpassed his famous fellow countryman - Edward Munch. Through all the canvases of Astrup, a mood of quiet goodwill, contemplation and easy naivete appears. Thus, the artist violated the trends of expressionism, where the motive of aggression and passion prevailed.

In the painting “A Girl at a Bush of Rhubarb and a Goose” we see a rural idyll. The environment of the economy is not luxurious, but nature shows its abundance. Near the small house is a garden where a girl collects rhubarb. Behind her, under a flowering tree, is a goose. Poultry occupies a small part of the composition, but certainly attracts attention. It seems that he is watching with curiosity the actions of the girl.

The house that is behind deserves special attention. It is made in the traditional Scandinavian style, when instead of tiles, the roof is covered with moss. This detail adds an extra North European flavor.

It is worth noting how the master plays with the light. Thanks to all three colors - green, gray and brown, he managed to convey to the viewer a sense of the weather. It seems that through the thick gray clouds a bright sun is about to break through to illuminate the wet greenery and moist fertile land.

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