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“Parisian coachman”, Christian Krogh - description of the painting

“Parisian coachman”, Christian Krogh - description of the painting

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Paris coachman - Christian Krogh.

The picture of a famous Norwegian artist depicts a very colorful character - a cheerful coachman of fiakra from Paris. This detail only emphasizes the fact that the captured character is a person who is content with life and his position. At the first glance at the picture, there is a desire to smile back, so this cheerful person immediately has to himself with a long whip in his hand.

There are few details in the picture, only the upper part of the coachman’s figure is visible, partial outlines of the black fiacra are visible behind the man’s back, and in the background are characteristic buildings of the central part of Paris.

The background is depicted by generous sweeping strokes, in a manner characteristic of works in the style of impressionism. The buildings are painted in a light, greenish-gray color, not distracting the views of the audience. This further emphasizes the warm colors of the coachman’s full-blooded face, which are dominated by shades of red, yellow and orange.

Against the background there are small details that emphasize the presence of the coachman on the streets of Paris: in addition to the tall buildings in the background, you can clearly see the figure of a woman crossing the road, as well as another fiacre traveling in the distance, made with warm brownish colors. All background images are blurry, soft, as if drowning in fog, unlike the face of the coachman, where the details are quite accented.

The coachman is dressed in dark clothes with bright color highlights: a black frock coat, a dark red velvet vest and a very “sunny” orange wide tie. It looks spectacular against the background of the bright yellow color of the shirt and the saturated shade of the vest. On the head of the character is a high shiny cylinder of black color.

Despite the simplicity of the picture, its plot is so memorable that it remains in memory for a very long time. The canvas is full of space and air, leaving a joyful feeling of fullness of life.

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