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“Mary with the Baby”, Luis de Morales - description of the painting

“Mary with the Baby”, Luis de Morales - description of the painting

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Maria with the baby - Luis de Morales. Canvas, oil.

Luis de Morales is the author of a huge number of paintings written on religious subjects. As an artist, Morales was not interested in events, but in individual characters and characters. Revealing his favorite topic - the theme of sacrifice, Christian humility and humility, Luis de Morales tried to express as accurately as possible the depth and importance of what is happening through the prism of the mournful feelings that wield the heroes of his paintings.

The most striking example is the painting "Madonna and Child". On a small canvas, created around 1570, the viewer sees a young Mary holding the baby Jesus in her arms. Mother and child look at each other with meekness and endless love. In the gaze and caresses squandered by the baby, not only tenderness is read, but also the deeply hidden anxious foreboding of the tragic fate of his son.

The artist’s brush gave Maria’s image the characteristic signs of ideal female beauty, glorified by Italian masters of the 16th century: subtle features of an elongated graceful face, lowered gaze of large, gray eyes, translucent, like porcelain skin and blond hair. Touching fragility and purity is emphasized by a deliberate contrast. Dark mean background and dense heavy fabrics of clothing, painted in thick, rich colors, set off the light glow emanating from the faces of the Mother of God and the baby.

Despite the apparent uniformity of the paintings of Luis de Morales, each of them reveals in a new way the images of Mary and the baby Jesus. In an attempt to convey the tragedy and inevitability of the future through the images of the heroes of his paintings, the artist combines the exaggerated expression of the Norman masters and the impeccability of the Italian school, giving birth to his own, unique style.

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