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“Beautiful cook”, Francois Boucher - description of the painting

“Beautiful cook”, Francois Boucher - description of the painting

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Beautiful cook - Francois Boucher. Canvas, oil.

The artist of the Rococo era, François Boucher, is known as a master who knew how to incredibly accurately convey the spirit of his time. The whimsical fashion lifted Bush to the pinnacle of fame, but she, over time, deprived him of his previous success and the favor of others.

The painting “The Beautiful Cook” was painted during the growing recognition of the young painter. Refined and sophisticated genre scenes invariably delighted the fans, and François Boucher tried to ensure that his works corresponded to the traditions of the popular style. One of the most famous canvases created during these years is considered “The Beautiful Cook” - a charming and easy plot that glorifies beauty, youth and frank sensuality.

On the canvas is a pretty young girl serving as a cook in a rich house. The beauty, busy with daily affairs, was taken by surprise by a young man. His arms and passionate assurances distracted the cook from work, but it was clear that the young man's attention and ardor were pleasant to the girl: her cheeks were red with an embarrassed blush, and her mouth was touched by an involuntary smile. At the cook in the apron you can see several eggs, about to fall on the floor, however, the charming woman is in no hurry to push away the persistent boyfriend. It is possible that the young man is the son or the closest relative of the owner, which in the eyes of a simple girl adds attractiveness to the young man.

Francois Boucher in the work on the picture uses deep, rich brown-ocher shades, which allows you to accurately convey the darkness and mustiness of the old kitchen. The artist pays great attention to interior details, a cauldron in the background, a shelf with a bottle of wine, a small bunch of firewood on the floor are carefully painted out. Even randomly lying vegetables look like a finished, artistically thought-out still life.

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