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“Autumn pastoral”, Francois Boucher - description of the painting

“Autumn pastoral”, Francois Boucher - description of the painting

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Autumn pastoral - Francois Boucher. 198.6 x 259.5 cm

nbsop; The painting Autumn Pastoral was commissioned by Boucher, Minister of Finance of King Louis XV. For this picture, the artist wrote in a couple more and Summer Pastoral. A fashionable artist of the Rococo era worked for himself in pleasure, Boucher liked to paint landscapes on which frivolous scenes unfold. The plot of the presented picture was inspired by the master of the work of the famous playwright Charles Simon Favard in those days.

nbsop; The main character, Lysette, freely lay on her knee to a young shepherdess, who, in turn, feeds her with grapes. Very bold occupation! Lisette is dressed in an expensive dress, but her bare feet are like a commoner. The shepherd boldly flirts with the young lady, not at all embarrassed. The viewer does not immediately notice the third hero - another shepherdess is sleeping peacefully near the sheep, not disturbing the gracious young people. The faces of the main characters are deliberately highlighted so that the viewer can read verbatim their youth, inexperience, and sincerity.

nbsop; The landscape against which this playful scene unfolds is filled with details. The central element here is a dilapidated column with a large stone vase on top. This is an original fountain, decorated with worn stone frescoes on a religious plot. Around the dense, neglected forest - trees almost obscured the sky.

nbsop; Of course, the image of the landscape is collective. There is no need to seek truthfulness in Bush’s landscape paintings. He deliberately adds numerous elements to the canvas, giving it decorativeness. It is like a theater stage, static and frozen, but colorful.

nbsop; The master boldly tries bright colors. Fire red, bright turquoise, blue, yellow is knocked out of the general palette. In the color of the canvas there is a lot of green, interrupted by ocher and turquoise tones.

nbsop; It is known that Boucher himself, while working on the painting, fell in love with his heroes so much that he devoted more than one painting to the beautiful Lysette and the young bold shepherdess. And later, the Minister of Finance, who still owned the porcelain manufactory, ordered sketches for porcelain figurines from the main characters of the picture (it was unknown to Bush or some other artist to make them). Graceful figurines have been insanely popular among porcelain masters for many years, which duplicated them with some changes. So the porcelain shepherd and Lisette adorned the interiors of French houses for a long time. Even when Boucher went out of fashion, and the name of the playwright Favre was hopelessly forgotten by the audience.

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