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“Lot and his daughters”, Albrecht Altdorfer - description of the painting

“Lot and his daughters”, Albrecht Altdorfer - description of the painting

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Lot and his daughters - Albrecht Altdorfer. 107.5 x 189 cm.

The story of Lot and his daughters was embodied in the painting of the Danube artist of the Northern Renaissance Albrecht Altdorfer. A year before the death of the master, this work appeared, written in the manner of mannerism.

The father of the family, old Lot, fleeing his burning Sodom, lost his wife. That, despite the command of the messengers of the Lord not to look back at the dying city, she did it and turned into a salt pillar. Lot's daughters took the destruction of the sinful Sodom and Gomorrah to the end of the world and considered that they were the last women on earth. Their duty, the daughters decided, was to prevent the human race from disappearing and they “laid down” their lot with their father, before that, having fed him. The theme of the incest of Lot with his daughters can be found in the works of Francesco Furini, Adrian van der Werff, Domenico Maroli, Jan Muller, etc. As we can see, the delicate story was popular among painters, so it is not surprising that Altdorfer ultimately turned to his attention.

In the foreground, Albrecht Altdorfer, in full growth, depicts a drunken Lot with one of his daughters. The second daughter, also naked, can be seen in the distance - she is either sad or suffering, devoured by envy of her sister. The master portrayed the intimate scene with boldness open for those times - the naked heroine lies on her father’s lap, who hugs her forearm with both hands. In the hands of her daughter is a glass of red wine, she smiles, playfully looking into her father's face, and he looks predatoryly in response. It is evident that the girl prepared for this “date” - her head is decorated with some exquisite dress, and an elegant chain with a ruby ​​pendant around her neck.

It can be easily noted how the technique of depicting the human body of Alddorfer has changed - from a sketchy and approximate to an “Italian model”, full of realism and nuances. We notice the protruding ribs of the thin Lot, the feminine bends with the accentuated waist of his mistress.

Everything unfolds, as usual with Altdorfer, against the backdrop of the landscape, but now the author adds here fabric, color, the drapery of which emphasizes the pallor of naked bodies.

Coloristic performance is also noteworthy: the author managed a special lighting, so that the bodies of the heroes in the picture seem to glow. Subtle drawing of details is noticeable, the play of light and shadow, color saturation. Undoubtedly, this is a mature work, a demonstration of the crystallized style that has evolved over the years ... and the last painting by Altdorfer. After it, the painter will write a few more frescoes, which are preserved only fragmentary.

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