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The Black Braunschweig Hussar, John Everett Millet - description of the painting

The Black Braunschweig Hussar, John Everett Millet - description of the painting

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The Black Braunschweig Hussar - John Everett Millet. 104 x 68.5 cm

Often the content of paintings by Pre-Raphaelite John Everett Millet was based on some literary texts or historical plots. The canvas "Black Braunschweiget" tells us about the sad events of 1815 (Napoleonic wars).

A young, brave soldier, an officer of the Braunschweig corps, gently hugging his beloved, whispers farewells to her before separation - he is waiting for the battle of Katr-Bra. He does not yet know that he will not return from this battle. On June 16, Dutch and French forces converged at a small place in Belgium, Katr Bras. The bloody clash ended ambiguously. Each of the belligerents appropriated a victory for themselves, but what kind of victory is it if both sides lost 4 thousand soldiers ...

In the meantime ... the hussar walks at the ball at the Duchess of Richmond, where he says goodbye to his beloved. The figure of a soldier is courageous, but very touching - he is still a very young man, ardent and full of hope for happiness. A girl in a snow-white dress is fragile and touching. Not adhering to any standards of decency, she timidly clung to the beloved's chest, sadly dropping her eyes. The colors of the picture are saturated and bright. The white shiny color of the dress is especially attractive - a symbol of purity and innocence.

This touching story of unhappy love is played out, it would seem, on a normal background ... If not for the famous painting depicting Napoleon - this is “Napoleon on the St. Bernard Pass”, painted by Jacques-Louis David.

The painter emphasizes that the ambitions of the powerful do not spare anyone. In the struggle for unlimited power, noble people suffer, ready to defend the interests of the homeland with their breasts. So this young couple, a brave hussar and a young beautiful girl, fell under the thunder of political games. Their love stories will not come true. Their sincere feelings, the alarming moment of farewell, confusion, glimmers of hope will remain only on the canvas of Millet.

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