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“On the Grand Canal in Venice”, Fritz Taulov - description of the painting

“On the Grand Canal in Venice”, Fritz Taulov - description of the painting

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On the Grand Canal in Venice - Fritz Taulov. 52 x 36 cm

Venice is rightfully considered one of the most unusual corners of Europe. This famous city on the water still attracts crowds of tourists, and what can we say about the painter, who chose water in all its manifestations as the main plot. Fritz Taulov's meeting with Venice was to happen!

So it happened, and after visiting the outlandish city, in 1885, the painting "On the Grand Canal of Venice" appeared. The Grand Canal is the most famous in the city, which crosses the part where all the most beautiful buildings of Venice are concentrated, which is why locals delightfully call it the “canal-palace”.

But Taulov did not focus on luxurious palaces, focusing on water. The canal itself occupies most of the picture - the author admires how the water plays in the sun, making it light blue. Not beautiful architectural monuments make the city excellent "according to Taulov", but pale blue water. It is she who creates the mood of the majestic Venice.

Having admired the channel, one can notice that the Norwegian impressionist gave the rest of his picture to the most characteristic details of the city. There are palaces with lancet windows, either Ca Rezzonico, or the Palazzo Barbarigo, swaying on the waves of a gondola, sticking out columns decorated with water, crowned with modest candle-shaped lanterns, a few greens. Is that there are not enough people in the picture, but Taulov usually did not include them in the composition, not distracting from the landscape.

It is believed that the most outstanding works of the artist are those where Taulov depicts modest cities and towns, but in this case, the author manages to depict a famous, even grandiose place, very chamber and soulful. The viewer is not looking for photographic resemblance here, we can’t even say for certain what the famous buildings are depicted - we catch the mood, “breathe in” the sunny day of the Queen of the Adriatic, Venice ...

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