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“Landscape with a fjord and a family floating in a boat”, Hans Dahl - description of the painting

“Landscape with a fjord and a family floating in a boat”, Hans Dahl - description of the painting

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Landscape with a fjord and a family sailing in a boat - Hans Dahl.

The paintings of this Norwegian artist do not pretend to be a pathetic or a picture of those who shocked the world before the foundation of the cataclysms. This is the most peaceful and lyrical of all possible glorification of their homeland and its calm, hardworking and balanced people. His canvases depict peaceful people of their working class and peasantry, busy with their daily lives. There are no fanciful luxuries or exquisite scenes, but these pictures are all the more sweet to the heart of the viewer.

This canvas depicts another plain story: the fisherman’s family is swimming somewhere on business in a small sailing boat. But how is it done! In this picture, you immediately feel the cool and moist sea air that turns the surface of the fjord into sharp peaks of the glassy mass of water.

A separate description should be devoted to the image of the sea - this master, like no other, managed to convey the special brilliance and transparency of sea water. She has a lively, mobile, voluminous and very naturalistic, which is especially attractive in his canvases. They don’t have the cold “lickedness” of academic canvases, but they are also deprived of some negligence of impressionism, representing a unique alloy of two different techniques.

The background of the picture is a vast fjord space with high rocky shores visible in the distance. They are hidden by a bluish fog, which gives the canvas depth and realism, but does not make it dull and inexpressive. This is hindered by the bright colors that depict the boat and its passengers, a flap of green coast on the left and juicy emerald tones of water in the foreground. So, despite the fog, the picture pleases with rich colors and creates a festive feeling.

This impression is largely supported by the clothes of the main female character. We see this woman in almost all the works of Hans Dahl, she is like his business card. Bright rosy cheeks as if borrowed a shade from her beautiful scarlet vest in a folk style, and a blue shawl fluttering in the wind on her neck emphasizes how fast the boat goes in the wind. A woman talks to a man in the southwest, smiling joyfully at him, and their blond daughter, a real child of the North, sits at the stern of the boat.

This is a very peaceful picture, it seems that the rest of the world is immensely far. But no, it's worth peering into the canvas, as you can see the tiny silhouette of another boat. This is not an isolated episode, it is part of the overall picture of being.

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