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"Forest Troll", Theodor Kittelsen - description of the painting

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Forest Troll - Theodor Kittelsen. 36.3x28.1 cm

This amazing engraving seems extremely modern work, although it is already more than 100 years old. It can be safely recognized as a picture from the genre of "trompe l'oeil."

At first glance, we have a very high hill, densely overgrown with vegetation, with individual tall trees that loom in the back light. A through cave lets in the light of the full moon, which makes everything around it almost monochromatic, grayish.

But as soon as you step back and concentrate, the lyrical landscape disappears and we see a real forest monster. He has a shaggy head, a huge drooping nose and a sparkling single eye, which we had mistaken for the moon. This mythical creature looks frightening, one might say even frightening. It is as if nature itself came to life at night and with a reproachful look at us with one moonlight eye. This is further emphasized by the "torn" contours of the image and its monochrome. The gloomy expression on the troll's face is remembered for a long time.

The picture consists of many small details, a kind of "pixels", which gives it such a modern look. In this technique, the artist was far ahead of his time and was able to immortalize himself and glorify his country.

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