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The artist and his talent

The artist and his talent

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An artistic gift is both talent and tremendous work. It is the combination of talent and tireless daily work that gives the world the most striking and gifted artists.

How to develop an artist’s talent

In childhood, all kids are certainly talented. Moreover, they have a love of art, a desire to do it. Children love to paint, crayons, felt-tip pens, sculpt from clay, clay and puff pastry, cut out of paper, glue various crafts and put together origami. The main task of good parents is not to repulse the desire to develop the natural talents and abilities of children.

Very often, parents restrict kids in their work by robbing them of paint because they stain their clothes, pencils, as they carefully paint wallpapers and furniture, plasticine, because they can easily ruin an expensive carpet or slap parquet. Such restrictions will quickly eliminate any desire for art, and the child’s talent will fade away without ever having a chance to develop.

If, however, an adult and an established individual already wants to do art, he has a huge scope for development. The Internet will provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the world's largest museums and private collections. Books on art will help to understand the techniques, and numerous art schools and studios will contribute to the development of technology and the acquisition of practical skills.

How to become an artist if there is no talent

The presence of talent does not always determine success. History knows many famous names of people who were just good artisans. If a person wants to succeed in art, but does not have a special gift, his chance in this world is the constant improvement of his knowledge and skills.

Many begin with the simplest - “coloring” of finished samples of paintings, making copies of photographs and drawings. This method has been known since ancient times, all the great artists went through copying paintings by famous masters and drawing casts of ancient statues. This technique is justified - it provides an opportunity to get acquainted with various fine techniques, to get used to different types of work, the scale of the paintings, styles, as they say, "fill your hand." In art, as in any craft, automatism of movements plays a huge role.

A person must himself feel the desire to engage in art, since "from under the stick" no one has succeeded in becoming an artist. You need to understand that art is the same complex work as in other areas of activity, perhaps even more emotionally dependent.

In order to show their artistic abilities, a certain mood is required. For the canvas to be noticed, it must “hook” and impress the viewer. For this, a piece of the artist’s soul should be invested in it. Even in the absence of a special artistic gift, this is a manifestation of talent.

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