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White horse. Normandy, Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov

White horse. Normandy, Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov

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White horse. 24.7 x 30 cm

This small genre picture does not depict a proud tribal horse, but a small, unremarkable workhorse from French Normandy. She calmly stands in a full harness against the backdrop of an equally simple bleached wall of a village building with low walls and a tiled roof.

It was this horse that interested the artist, because its image posed the task of depicting a white animal against the background of a white wall. He brilliantly solved this complex coloristic task. The white color of the horse's skin is warm, vibrant, shimmering with pretty cream shades, and the whitewashing of the wall is cold, snow-white, with icy bluish tones.

The master was also interested in the image of the workhorse. This is a calm, hardworking animal, faithfully serving all his life to his master. She dutifully stands against a wall on bare ground, waiting for the master to return and to move on. She is already young and pretty tired - this is evidenced by the lowered head of the animal. But the horse is patient and used to such a life. From the picture you can understand that the owner loves his plain white horse - she is well-fed and well-cleaned, with a neat, albeit rather poor harness.

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