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Green violinist, Marc Chagall - description of the painting

Green violinist, Marc Chagall - description of the painting

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Green violinist - Mark Zagarovich Chagall. Oil on Canvas. 108,6 x 198 cm

Chagall was often forced to answer the question of why, in his painting, there is often a violinist dancing on the roof, while the painter calmly claimed that this was by no means an allegory, but a reality. Like, he had an uncle who, when he was eating compote, climbed onto the roof so that no one could disturb him.

However, seriously speaking, the musician violinist in Chagall’s work is a steady and constant leitmotif. Critics are inclined to recall the Jewish origin of the author - the violin musician in traditional culture accompanies all stages of the life of a Jewish family, although others interpret the green violinist more ephemerally as a symbol of a person's degeneration through art.

One way or another, the presented work is one of the most significant, especially in composition: it is a complex polyphony, where different plans, images and plots merge together.

The main character stands out not only for his size, but also for his color scheme - a green face, dark blue hair and beard, a bright yellow-red violin in his hands. Two young men gaze at him spellbound. The colorful musician, who started to dance, distracts the viewer from the background, and there, meanwhile, amazing things unfold - Chagall presented all the shifts of the year, from green summer to snowy winter.

Everything in this work is worthy of the epithet “too” - too rich colors, too extraordinary plot, too colorful character, but this is the main strength of the picture, its dynamics and powerful energy.

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