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Tiberias Lake, Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov

Tiberias Lake, Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov

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Tiberias Lake - Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov. 72 x 127.9

Vasily Polenov devoted more than one picture to Tiberias or Genisaret Lake. This place attracted the attention of the master because of his belonging to biblical history - many acts of Christ were performed here, to which the painter dedicated the so-called Gospel cycle.

The lake is located in Palestine on the territory of modern Israel and Vasily Polenov had the opportunity to see with his own eyes this place worshiped by believers and enjoy the vastness, beauty of the reservoir and the wide valley. This happened during his first trip to the East, which had a huge impact on the work and personal formation of the master landscape painter.

The composition of the picture is built in the traditional way for the artist - a comparison of the near and far plan. The viewer presents himself at the top of a mountain or a high hill, which opens up boundless expanse, limited only by the uneven line of empty mountains.

The color resolution of the painting is very colorful and fresh. At first glance, the saturated blue water of the lake rivets to itself, which gradually brightens to the horizon, transforming into an uneven blue surface. At the same time harmonizing and shading, the dark green sparse vegetation of the region is depicted. The green surrounds the coast, and seems a random oasis against the backdrop of a yellow desert.

The lake is embodied by the artist extremely realistic and poeticized at the same time - only Polenov could compare these characteristics. Rather, it is a merit of the artist’s personal perception, whose eyes were distinguished by close attention, and the soul was sensitive to everything beautiful.

This is what the viewer sees this lake today - an extraordinary place with a holy history, which does not cease to amaze with its beauty, solitude and harmony. Only here, surrounded by the eternally frozen ideal beauty, could Christ wander, reflecting on the Eternal.

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