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Painting On the terrace, Kustodiev - description

Painting On the terrace, Kustodiev - description

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On the terrace - Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev. 134 x 97.5 cm

One of the most important pages of Boris Kustodiev’s work is devoted to Russian provincial life. The traditional Russian way of life, where the main characters were merchants, merchants, cabbies living in a patriarchal character, attracted the painter with his calm way. That is why his paintings on this subject are colorful and detailed.

The painting "On the Terrace" is an incredibly gentle, lyrical work that describes the family scene. The whole family gathered around a brilliant samovar on a wooden terrace. The situation speaks of the solitude of a new solid log house - the background is presented to the viewer in the form of a meadow and a forest rising above it. In the foreground are the main characters, adults and children. It is noteworthy that these are not fictional characters, but the real family of the artist Kustodiev - wife, sister and husband, their children and nanny. The hostess pours tea, managing to keep an eye on the youngest daughter, and at the table other family members slowly talk.

The colors on the canvas breathe freshness and shine with purity, there is a lot of white, a lot of light colors. The technique of the early period of the artist’s creativity is striking in realism. Only in this way could the pastoral image of the Russian province idealized by the author be conveyed. Smooth lines, drawing accuracy, harmonious composition, bright palette - all these are features of the early Kustodiev style, especially when it comes to paintings on similar subjects.

The work impresses with its mood, as it clearly brings a feeling of quiet family happiness, when the samovar is polished to a shine, hot tea cools in the cups, on the refreshment table, and evening quietly falls on the terrace.

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