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Dance, Pablo Picasso - description of the painting

Dance, Pablo Picasso - description of the painting

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Dance - Pablo Picasso. 215.3 x 142.2 cm

The painting "Dance" conventionally marks the beginning of the surreal period of Picasso's work. It was then that relations with the artist with his first wife, Russian ballerina Olga Khokhlova, reached their limit point - the couple would soon part, disappointed with each other.

The canvas presented to the public immediately sparked heated debate. The plot, composition, technique - everything here breathed an unusual novelty.

In the center of the work are three dancing figures - in the middle is a girl, a fateful muse. Two men, holding her hands, move, obeying some unbridled mysterious metro rhythm. The bodies of all the characters are divided into fragments, in combination with ornaments and angular lines. In the background, you can guess the exit to the balcony with a slightly ajar glass door.

Later, Picasso explained the meaning of this picture, putting an end to numerous interpretations and disputes. According to the author, he portrayed the Dance of Death, a wild dance, devoting the painting to two friends who voluntarily left this world because of unrequited love. The fatal beauty broke two hearts, destroying lives and not finding her happiness at the same time. And if one of the heroes is Carlos Casagemas, the names of the other dancers can only be guessed.

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