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“Moonlit Night on Capri”, Ivan Aivazovsky - description of the painting

“Moonlit Night on Capri”, Ivan Aivazovsky - description of the painting

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Moonlit night on Capri - Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky. 26 x 38.5 cm

With its small size, this picture is striking in the scope and grandeur of the captured scene. A large ship with loose sails heads towards a hospitable beautiful island - a favorite resting place of the Roman emperors and subsequent numerous rulers. The island itself is visible in the distance, its outlines are clearly visible against a dark sky and sea, brightly lit by the rays of the full moon.

A small boat docked in the foreground to the side of a large vessel, perhaps this team was going ashore, or local merchants had sailed to sell their products to the sailors or to supply them with water and food. In the foreground is another low boat with people who are carefully looking towards a large ship. It can be assumed that there is an important person on this ship who is interested in the arrival of local residents or sailors passing by.

This ship is not alone off the coast of Capri. In the background, there is an anchored two-masted ship with folded sails, it seems that it is in the roads. Several small sailboats are scattered along the entire coast - these are fishermen who went to night fishing, which is rich in local coastal waters.

The color scheme of the canvas is impressive. The huge graphic task is solved with the help of a rather modest and restrained palette. All shades of blue and blue prevail, and the desired degree of contrast is given by the cold yellow light of the moon, which floods the surroundings of Capri with its radiance.

The night sea is quiet and calm, covered with small ripples. It is decorated with a blurry path of moonlight, which gives the canvas perspective and volume. The masterly depicted clouds do the same thing - large, fluffy and light, they like theater curtains frame a picture of a quiet moonlit night on the blessed island of Capri.

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