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Fishermen at Sea, William Turner - description of the painting

Fishermen at Sea, William Turner - description of the painting

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Fishermen at Sea - William Turner. 91 x 122 cm

Through the veil of gloomy clouds, mysteriously appearing in the sky, the moon appears to the viewer, which, pushing through the impenetrable darkness, reveals an unstable little vessel with fishermen, tossed on the high waves of the troubled sea - this is the basis of the plot of William Turner’s wonderful picture “Fishermen in the Sea”.

Everything about her was unusual and harmonious. The painter, who won fame as a master of watercolors, suddenly presented an oil painting at the Royal Academy’s exhibition. And what a! A detailed drawing of the elements, a theatrically exposed composition and an amazing, amazing game with a color palette - the work immediately won praise, both in its address and in the address of the creator.

Despite the praise in the field of oil painting, close friends knew that this was not surprising, for many years Turner independently mastered this technique, visiting workshops and focusing on the best examples of world art.

With his skill and subtle instinct, the artist was able to realistically convey not only the plot itself, but also the mood of the work - the power and beauty of the sea, vulnerability to this greatness of man, depicting everything in the beautiful scenery of the night sky, which is the main narrator of the picture.

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