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Winter landscape (Thaw), Savrasov - description of the painting

Winter landscape (Thaw), Savrasov - description of the painting

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Winter landscape (Thaw) - Savrasov. Oil on Canvas 36 x 54

Looking at the winter landscapes of Alexei Savrasov, one cannot stop wondering how richly one can imagine the monotonous white color that winter envisions. One of the most beautiful paintings in which winter is presented in all its colors and shades is the Thaw.

An endless field strewn with snow, white roofs of houses, and suddenly against this background a narrow track of water, already freed from the cover of ice and a magnificent sky, the radiance of which is displayed in every element of the landscape.

Thanks to this wonderful sky, winter does not radiate cold and alienation, on the contrary, it played with bright warm colors. Savrasov used a lot of contrasting colors to embody the plot, thanks to which winter “played” with the variety and variegation of colors.

As confirmation that the cold, harsh days are already behind us, and ahead of spring, whose warm rays are already beginning to warm the earth, freeing it from snow, the painter depicted flocks of birds that literally painted a bright sky.

As if returning us from contemplation of the delightful beauty of nature, the author brings real characters to the plot - they wander along the trampled road to the stream.

The picture “Thaw” in its variety of elements and their color rendering is presented to the viewer as a bright and fabulous panel depicting a winter day.

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