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Saint Sebastian, Sandro Botticelli - description of the painting

Saint Sebastian, Sandro Botticelli - description of the painting

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Saint Sebastian - Sandro Botticelli. 195 x 75 cm

The canvas "Saint Sebastian" was first shown to the public in 1474. By this time, the public had already appreciated the great Botticelli and therefore the new picture was also successful, despite the innovative manner of writing and interpretation.

The plot is based on a religious story about Sebastian, who lived during the great and cruel persecution of Christians. As the commander of the Praetorian troops, the young hero was a secret Christian, for which he paid - he was tied to a pole and shot from bows.

A foreign woman came out of the wounded Sebastian, and he, in turn, defended his faith to death, in the literal sense of the word. Sebastian is revered as the patron saint of plague patients and the intercessor of hunters.

Looking at the picture of Botticelli, you immediately notice the unusual pose of the hero - he is thoughtful, but he is not afraid of death, and the arrows stuck into his body simply do not excite. The picture is an illustration of the biography of Sebastian - all his life he carried faith through suffering, patiently and docilely.

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