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Tulips of Holland, Claude Monet - description of the painting

Tulips of Holland, Claude Monet - description of the painting

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Tulips of Holland - Claude Monet. Oil on Canvas, 66x82 cm

In 1871, Claude Monet visited the "land of tulips." A man with a keen perception of natural beauty, a lover of gardens, ponds, covered with water lilies, the painter was impressed by tulips, both their incomparable beauty and their quantity.

As a result of the trip, the painting "Tulips of Holland", completed in 1872, arose. The author has created a series of works glorifying the beauty of tulip fields. In the framework of one canvas, the artist managed to collect all the symbols of Holland: endless open spaces, and mills, and the vast river of tulips.

The master did not strive for a detailed description of the flowers - rather, tulips appear before the viewer in the form of a bright motley blanket covering the ground. The mill and steep-roofed houses emphasize the traditional landscape of the Netherlands.

Like many of Monet’s works, “Tulips of Holland” involuntarily make their viewers admire - how many-colored and many-sided the nature around us is. This was what the painter Monet sought.

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