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Snow Maiden, Mikhail Vrubel, 1890

Snow Maiden, Mikhail Vrubel, 1890

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Snow Maiden - Mikhail Vrubel. 25x17

The artist was commissioned with costumes for the opera Snegurochka. The artist depicted the heroine at the time it appeared in front of people.

The heroine is a little confused, although she is confident enough. A slight, subtle smile on her lips. The character of the heroine is revealed by her eyes - large, surprised, ready for new, previously unknown impressions, knowledge, adventures.

An interestingly executed outfit Snegurochka. The master chose an unusual technique, embossing depicting the cut of a magic fur coat from unknown material.

Despite the sketchiness of the work, the main one in which the costume was supposed to be, the author could not resist working on the background and details, even sketchy.

A winter forest stands behind a heroine. At her feet squirrel sits, the only escort of the heroine who dared to leave the dense forest thicket for a minute.

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