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Bogatyr, Mikhail Vrubel, 1899

Bogatyr, Mikhail Vrubel, 1899

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Bogatyr - Mikhail Vrubel. 321.5x222

The work was written by the master very quickly, without preliminary sketches, almost immediately on canvas. Even the distortion of proportions and violation of perspective does not look like something unjustified and unnecessarily emotional.

The master worked on his hero with ecstasy, his main idea was the expression of the symbolic meaning of harmony and integrity of the epic image. The master has a hero, albeit of unprecedented power, but with surprisingly childish and naive eyes.

The epic warrior is richly dressed. His faithful horse seems to grow out of the earth, merging with it and absorbing all the power of nature.

The forest surrounding the hero is also full of fabulous and fantastic details. Above the hero’s head is a crimson evening sky. Subtle details allow the viewer to feel the fabulous atmosphere created by the author. The picture in an amazing way attracts the viewer, holds his attention and makes him believe in the reality of the image. A fairy tale becomes life ...

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