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Painting by Miahil Vrubel Spain, 1894

Painting by Miahil Vrubel Spain, 1894

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Spain - Miahil Vrubel. 248x89

Hot Spain has always excited the imagination of people of art. The artist painted a picture inspired by the opera Carmen. Passions, emotions, sincerity and temperament are the main characteristics for this picture.

The plot is clear to anyone who sees the work. Every little thing, numerous details bear the imprint of some drama and expression. Thick southern heat envelops the heroes, the sun breaks through the window, thick walls do not bring coolness. Energy, tension is felt in the poses of the heroes, in their looks and even in a scarf, casually thrown into a chair.

The author leaves the viewer a huge field for imagination. The audience can come up with hundreds of plot denouements, but passion, love and temperament will be the starting point.

The color of the work is designed in brown and blue shades. Mixing together, they form a difficult conflict of the depicted scene.

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