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Rook Dante, Eugene Delacroix, 1822

Rook Dante, Eugene Delacroix, 1822

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Rook Dante - Eugene Delacroix. 189x246

A powerful and decisive beginning of the artist’s creative career, this work was accepted not only by young romantic beginners, but also recognized masters of the academic school. The young author took with understanding the criticism of the venerable, recognizing the imperfection of the drawing and the weak pictorial power. But the author liked the work himself, the audience reacted with interest to innovations, criticism without much enthusiasm, but also accepted the work.

A creative interpretation of one of the most interesting plots of world literature, a revolutionary interpretation of symbols, frank borrowing of techniques from the masters of the Renaissance - all together made the work bright, juicy and innovative.

Through the Stygian swamp lies the path of Dante and Virgil. The angry, condemned to eternal torment in the swamp, are trying by all means to get into the boat, return to the world of the living. The sufferings of sinful souls are depicted in the best traditions of emotional baroque. But the figures of the main characters are rather close to the classical canons.

Blurry of the picture rather works on the idea of ​​work. It is as if the passions themselves and the emotional intensity distort the space and make the outlines of the details of the work fuzzy, blurry. And bright colors make the picture even more expressive and atmospheric.

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