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What is a modular picture, how to make it with your own hands?

What is a modular picture, how to make it with your own hands?

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Model paintings are a fashionable decoration of any interior. At its core, these are reproductions of paintings by famous artists, successful photographs, even children's drawings, which are divided into several segments and hung on the wall.

Most often, the conceptual works of contemporary artists are used as the basis for a modular picture. However, if we divide the reproduction of Mona Lisa Leonardo into several rectangular parts, we get an interesting artistic accent, emphasizing an old-fashioned interior in dark colors. What contemporary art does not unite into a single whole.

A modular picture can consist of several rectangles with fragments of the same canvas with one plot. Sometimes photographers make up a modular picture of several frames of the same type that simulate sequential movement.

In addition to rectangular segments, you can divide the base into squares, wave-like fragments, trapezoids, and even triangles. The only thing that needs to be taken into account is that work that is divided into rectangles is best perceived. Such work optically emphasizes the vertical space, and the artistic emphasis depends only on the taste of the owner of the house.

Prices for modular paintings

You can order a modular picture on the Internet, buy in special stores, and also do it yourself, because it is not at all difficult. The finished modular picture will cost about 5,000 rubles. This is the average price for an average sized job.

If you decide to make an interior decoration on your own and to your liking, then everything will cost much cheaper.

How to make a modular picture with your own hands - tips

Firstly, for a modular picture, pieces of a cardboard box from under a TV, refrigerator or other household appliances. Choose a basis - a reproduction of a famous painting, a photograph, your own drawing and gently stick on the basis. Then cut into segments, strengthen each segment (the second layer of cardboard, corners, etc.) and fix each segment on the wall separately.

To make the work look more professional, it makes sense to purchase a ready-made basis for a modular picture in the store. In this case, the basis for the segments will be stretched frame. In this case, you can do different things: create a work yourself (draw something using paints that are in harmony with the interior, or, on the contrary, sharply contrasting with it), or you can fix segments individually (in the case of photography).

If the interior allows, you can buy a print of an old engraving. Many use beautiful photos from the network, ordering their printout in large format.

Modular art provides unlimited scope for the creativity of any, even the most inexperienced artist and designer.

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