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Holidays in Italy in December: holidays, tours, prices

Holidays in Italy in December: holidays, tours, prices

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Italy has always been the most visited country by tourists. Even in ancient times, almost every resident of Europe, Western Asia and North Africa dreamed of visiting Rome, to say nothing of the 21st century!

The Apennine peninsula is so full of various sights and treasures of world culture that the country of the great Dante is rarely remembered as a resort.

Italian cuisine has long won its place of honor in the preferences of hundreds of millions of people. The flow of tourists to Italy does not stop all year round, it only slightly decreases in November and March. December - the month of Christmas - the beginning of the high winter tourist season. At this time, a huge number of outdoor enthusiasts come here, as well as those who want to plunge into the atmosphere of magical Christmas in the very center of world Catholicism.

Weather in Italy in December

In December, the Italian weather is very different: in the North, where excellent ski resorts are located, the real winter is with snow and frost (sometimes very serious!), In the center the weather is often rainy and cloudy, and in the South it is most often sunny and cool.

At this time, it is not worth planning long walks along the streets of Rome or Naples, visiting Pompeii or the Vatican Gardens. On the other hand, in December all museums can be visited without a queue, and admire the masterpieces without getting through the crowd.

Italy is a rather big country. In addition, on its territory there are two independent states - San Marino and the Vatican, a visit to which will leave the most unusual impressions.

The beauties of Rome, Florence, Naples, Milan, Verona, Venice, Genoa and other cities are well known, described, studied and photographed. In December, Italy hosts a number of interesting and unusual events that deserve special attention.

Italian December Holidays

Florenz Noel - children's holiday, giving gifts on the street, a lot of entertainment, street carousels, sweets. Events begin in the last days of November and continue until Christmas.

Feast of the young boar - takes place in the town of Suvereto, province of Livorno. From November 28 to December 8, the city is transformed, the townspeople wear medieval costumes, and knightly fights take place in the city squares. But the most important thing in this holiday is its culinary component. Boar spits, wine, sweets made from honey and nuts, as well as the most delicious olive oil in Italy - this is not a complete list of the pleasures of this holiday.

Christmas festival in Perugia - This bright and multifaceted event, which runs from December 3 to January 6, gathers thousands of spectators from all over Europe. The festival program includes not only concerts, but also film screenings, tastings, children's events and much much more.

St. Barbara's Day in Paterno - At the very foot of Mount Etna on the island of Sicily, a volcano that does not let Europe relax for a minute, every year on December 4, the patroness of the city is widely and colorfully celebrated, which protects it from all sorts of troubles, including the eruption of volcanoes. Solemn processions, services, festivities and a unique opportunity to taste the best dishes of Sicilian cuisine performed by the best chefs in Italy.

Sardinia Island in December

The island of Sardinia in December has a rest from tourists, offering them exclusively historical sights and natural beauties. But many people like to come here at this time. The air temperature on the island rarely drops below 14 degrees, and precipitation, although it does happen, is short-lived and completely not burdensome for nature lovers. At this time, most hotels on the beach island are closed, and those that operate offer very affordable prices for accommodation.

Deserted and mysterious at this time of the year, the island of Sardinia allows you to visit all its sights and touch the oldest evidence of European civilization in December without fuss and problems.

Ski resorts in Italy

The best ski resorts in Italy are located, of course, in the Alps, in the very North of the country. A visit to this part of Italy in December will not be cheap, although the price level here is somewhat inferior to the Swiss and French alpine resorts.

The undoubted advantage of the ski slopes and recreation complexes in the mountains of Italy is excellent equipment, the highest level of service and excellent cuisine.

New Year's holidays in Italian cities gather crowds of lovers of fun. The most popular and grandiose festivals are held in Rome and Venice. Amazing fireworks, show programs, street theater performances, discos - Italy does not sleep on this magical night.

It is interesting to visit Venice on the sea coast on the morning of January 1. Every year there are mass bathing of those who went too far the day before with alcohol. In recent years, this spectacle has acquired the status of a show.

Last-minute tour to Italy in December (7 days) can be bought a little cheaper than for $ 1000. Traveling around the country, celebrating the New Year will cost more - from 2 to 5 thousand, depending on the category of the hotel and the excursion program.

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