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Barcelona in December: tours, photos, weather

Barcelona in December: tours, photos, weather

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Spanish winter is more like a Russian spring or warm autumn. You can’t be afraid of rain at this time - December is one of the driest months of the year, although it is often cloudy.

It is better to forget about beach pleasures at this time (unless, of course, you are not a fan of cold bathing, who in December scare the Spaniards by floundering in the turbulent December sea at this time of year). All other tourist pleasures are available. Of the advantages, as elsewhere in Europe at this time, a small number of tourists and the Christmas atmosphere can be called.

Cost of tours to Barcelona in December

The cost of tours to Barcelona depends on the time: the first half of December is the cheapest, the second is expensive. The pleasures are almost the same, but Christmas has always been used by hotel and restaurant owners to earn during the off-season.

It is best to buy a tour in advance - at least 5-6 months before the trip, in this case it will turn out well to save. The best option is not to pay any excursions in advance, but to visit everything yourself. Most museums in Barcelona offer audio guides in Russian. Tourist buses plying around the city will allow you not to miss anything and choose what is interesting.

An excellent outlet for everyone who visits Barcelona in December, the acquisition of the Barselona Card. After spending a relatively small amount, each cardholder receives the right to use public transport (including train and bus from the airport to the city center), discounts on all attractions, many restaurants, as well as on the purchase of souvenirs.

The card is designed for 2, 3, 4 and 5 days. The price ranges from 34 to 58 euros. Savings can be three to four times greater. Together with the card, the tourist receives a booklet with a list of all the places where you can get a discount, as well as a map of the city. It is best to buy a card on the Internet, and get at a Barcelona airport by presenting a passport.

The city of ancient Catalan history, Antonio Gaudi's masterpieces, singing fountains and numerous festivals, annually pleases tourists with at least two special events:

  • Festival of Christian Singing (Gospel) - events are held at the best concert venues in Barcelona. To surprise the audience and compete here come the seven best choral groups from around the world. Among them there are owners of the most prestigious music awards from the USA, South Africa, and Canada. The concert program is scheduled for two weeks, tickets can be bought for 10-15 euros (music lovers buy for 50 euros and more).
  • De Cajon is the largest flamenco festival in Spain. Every year, the best masters of this hot and temperamental dance gather with the beginning of winter in Barcelona. They say that it is flamenco that does not give winter in these parts any chance. The festival hosts colorful processions, shows, concerts, master classes. Many events are free and available to anyone.

But even in Barcelona, ​​winter remains in winter. Several skating rinks are poured into the city at once, where not only the townspeople, but also tourists come to ride. Renting skates will cost 7-8 euros, and pleasure per million.

Shopping in Barcelona in December

December is the favorite month for shopping enthusiasts. Shopping centers in Barcelona - Diagonal, Ribera, Raval - announce total discounts. Barcelona is no less sophisticated in fashion than Milan or Paris. Spanish shoes are especially popular - durable, comfortable and beautiful.

But the main paintings in Barcelona all year round remain paintings by Picasso and Dali, Ribeira and Velazquez, Gothic architecture and works of Gaudi. The main thing remains the art and history of this ancient center of Iberian culture, in which artists of the last millennium drew their inspiration.

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