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December trip to Rome: advantages and disadvantages

December trip to Rome: advantages and disadvantages

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If we say that Rome is beautiful at any time of the year, it means a little soul twist. On the other hand, all the attractions are in place all year round, and frost and snow are here as often as the heat in the Far North.

December is attractive because in all stores the time for sales and discounts begins, young wine matures, and pasta and pizza bring real pleasure, because it’s not hot.

Go to Rome in the first or second half of December?

There are two possibilities: in the first half of December or closer to Christmas and New Year.

A trip in the first half of December to Rome, the pros and cons:

  • It allows you to save money, since prices for tours and hotels at this time are the lowest;
  • The number of tourists in the city is minimal, there are never queues, and you can inspect everything calmly, without hustle and bustle;
  • To see the Pope during the ceremony of laying wreaths at the statue of the Virgin on Spanish Square on the Day of the Immaculate Conception (December 8);
  • To find out the true taste of famous Italian dishes - at that time, Italians are the main customers of restaurants and eateries, so they prepare pizza, pasta, lasagna, ravioli and polenta at this time.

A trip in the second half of December to Rome, the pros and cons:

  • The cost of the tour increases by 40% - on the eve of Christmas - the high season, it is better to book a tour in advance, otherwise difficulties may arise with the hotel;
  • A terrific opportunity to meet Christmas on the green grass;
  • The most pleasant discounts in stores for absolutely everything;
  • Numerous events, parties, shows, concerts are held - you will not get bored in winter Rome;
  • At noon on the first Christmas day, the pontiff delivers his main speech of the year - the Epistle to the city and Rome, after the speech absolves all those present - up to 30,000 people gather;

What to expect from the weather in December Rome? (How to dress?)

Despite the fact that the temperature in Rome almost never drops below zero, you need to dress quite warmly.

During the day, the air temperature can reach 15-17 degrees, and at night it drops to 4-6 degrees. It starts to get colder at about 5 pm and the cooling is very sharp.

Rain in December Rome is not uncommon, so it’s better to think about shoes. Perhaps someone might find it best to buy elegant and colorful rubber boots in place. At this time of the year, their cost does not exceed 10 euros, if you buy them in the city market, and not in a fashion boutique in Via del Corso.

Tasty December

Italian cuisine actually has some seasonal connotation. In December, wine and cheeses ripen, in December there is a peak in sales of gastronomic tours. Restaurants lack customers (in the first two weeks of the month) and lure them with the most sophisticated promotions, tastings, master classes, etc.

So that culinary adventures do not leave too big a gap in your wallet, it’s worth remembering a few simple rules:

  • If you dine at the bar - the cost of the order is automatically reduced almost twice;
  • Tips make up a tenth of your order and no more;
  • Choose a specific place where you will have lunch every day. Best of all - this is a small family restaurant or pizzeria where no one knows English, starting from the third day you are a favorite regular customer who is brought a huge portion with a substantial discount.

You can taste all the delights of the Eternal City at any time of the year. But December will give you an unforgettable atmosphere of expectation of a miracle - the Nativity of Christ!

A tour in early December costs an average of 250-300 euros (without the cost of a visa and excursions). Have a nice trip!

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