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Transport Museum in Stockholm: photos and description

Transport Museum in Stockholm: photos and description

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This place is not among the most visited and popular among travelers. Getting to it from the city is not very convenient, but it’s very close to the pier of sea ferries. So it makes sense to start acquaintance with Stockholm with this unusual and such an interesting museum.

The thing is that for some more than a hundred years, a certain joint-stock company has been engaged in all public transport in Stockholm. The society is rich and successful. Among the shareholders, mainly public transport workers themselves, as well as citizens. This is precisely their idea of ​​collecting all the samples of cars, buses, trains and trams that transported Stockholm people from the 80s of the 19th century to the present day.

The museum is constantly growing, developing, improving. What makes up the exposition of the institution?

Visitors fall into a huge transport park. There are already forgotten horse-drawn carts for a dozen passengers, trams, horses, buses, subway trains.

Almost every exhibit can be viewed not only outside but also inside (only the oldest and most dilapidated ones are cherished). The interior design of the salons has been restored very carefully. The seats look new and very comfortable, and I want to sit on them.

For the sake of revitalizing the interior of old vehicles, here are figures of drivers, controllers, and even passengers representing this or that era: a man in a gray coat and black hat, somewhat reminiscent of the headgear of Italian mafiosi, sits on a bus from the 1950s. and in the train of the 60s electric train, a hippie, free and carefree, collapsed on the seat. All drivers, controllers are dressed in uniforms. True ... The figures are all somewhat simplistic, reminiscent of mannequins of Soviet times, disfigured shop windows in many cities of a vast country. But soon you just stop paying attention to it.

In addition to transport, the exhibition also features kiosks where they sold tickets, and the exhibition of samples of tickets for more than a hundred years is also interesting.

Children will be crazy about a large collection of current models of all models of transport presented in the museum.

The easiest way to get to the museum is by bus number 2. The final stop of the bus is Sofia, and the stop near the museum is called the institution you are looking for, so it’s simply not possible to miss the Public Transport Museum.

The institution works seven days a week. The entrance ticket will cost you fifty crowns (children get a 50% discount).

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