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Moscow Hockey Museum, hockey hall of fame

Moscow Hockey Museum, hockey hall of fame

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Hockey museums are in Canada, Finland, and the Czech Republic. But in Russia, which, without a doubt, is one of the most powerful hockey countries, there has not yet been such a museum. However, a hockey glory hall appeared, but so far it exists outside of space, exclusively in the archives of the hockey federation. Such injustice will be eliminated in the first half of 2015.

The place where the hockey museum will be located is the former industrial zone of the ZIL factory. The building is also selected. Hockey glory of Russia will become an integral part of the Park of Legends sports and entertainment district.

The hockey museum is being created at the initiative of several sports clubs, a federation of this sport, as well as numerous investors and enthusiasts. The aim of the museum will be not only the promotion of sports and a healthy lifestyle, but also patriotic education on the example of the victories of Russian hockey from the mid-20th century to the present day.

The largest and most luxurious hall of the institution will be designed to hold ceremonial admission to the Russian Hockey Hall of Fame. To date, one and a half hundred athletes, coaches, referees and sports officials have already been taken to the hall. Among them, the main place is given to Olympic champions, as well as world champions.

The museum exposition will consist not only of trophies of hockey teams and the national team of the USSR and the Russian Federation. Visitors will be able to see the forms and accessories belonging to the legends of Russian hockey, an extensive collection of photos and video materials.

The organizers of the Russian Hockey Museum promise the most modern equipment of the institution, full computerization and holography (they promise an interactive zone where everyone can feel like a Tretyak or Kharlamov). A video room will be equipped with the ability to demonstrate films in multidimensional formats. Apparently, this museum can become the most outstanding not only in content, but also in technical and electronic equipment not only in Russia, but also in the world.

The management of the future museum plans an extensive program of events. The museum will host conferences, presentations, autograph sessions and much more.

The exposition of the museum will be constantly updated, replenished with new exhibits. In a separate sector, a cinema hall will be located, where you can watch videos of famous matches, as well as broadcast live games.

They promise to develop a special visit program for children.

The opening of the museum is scheduled for the first quarters of 2015. This was announced officially in the presence of the Moscow city leadership.

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